Gotham Academy's Boring Sundays - a making of

Gotham Academy #16 includes my short story Boring Sundays, and here's a brief post on how I created it! Ready??

I first wrote a plot detailing all of the scenes, and I took this as a base to make the storyboard. 
This allowed me to show it to the publisher and get some notes from my editor, as well as the original artists, to make it more coherent with the main series (thanks!).

Then I started working on the pages. These days I use pencil and ink for the final line art, so I do the rough baselines using blue color.

Then it's time to scan, clean and letter it!

And after that I worked on a color key baring in mind the whole story and how to make a nice dramatic progression, while also pacing the mood and help the overal reading experience.
The amazing Alfonso Salazar did some magic to make it look much better.

And once my friends Yun and Vanesa did the flats (that's quite a tough task!), I did the final coloring.
I included some variations over the original color key, always based on what would work best for the story. 

Finally, after getting some notes from my editor, and some corrections from my friend Ludroe to polish the english, we were ready to go!
Voilá, this is how the final version looks!

I hope you like this story if you get the chance to read it - some friends and I worked really hard on it!